Working on My Bucket List-Want to Hear Yours

Welcome to my Blog Take 2

Hi, from your technically challenged blogger, thanks for checking out my blog. I will be writing about my bucket list as well as some other topics related to those ‘Baby Boomer’ out there, AKA my issues. I will tell you about my first ‘crossed off’ item in my next post. Here’s a hint, it has to do with “Breaking Bad”, the greatest show ever (IMO). WOW, what a shock!!

Please let me know about your ‘bucket lists’. When, why and how you did or are going to do the items on your list. I’d also love to hear from Boomers who loved “Breaking Bad” as much as I did and still do. Did anyone else grieve for weeks, months after the finale?

My little dog, AKA Sami Cujo, in addition to “Breaking Bad”, as also a big fan of “Criminal Minds” as well as “The Killing”.

That’s her in her “Profiler in Training” shirt. She would take on any ‘unsub’ (Unknown Subject) so UNSUBS BEWARE!!

I look forward to writing here as well as hearing from fellow boomers!Image

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